Healthy Homemade Dog Food On a Budget

healthy homemade dog food on a budget

Cooking homemade dog food offers a healthier, often more cost-effective, and customizable option for dog owners on a budget. Home-cooked meals for your dog also mean fewer preservatives and additives with the regular inclusion of various fresh ingredients every day. Preparing healthy homemade dog food on a budget is no rocket science if you have the perfect idea of your dog’s dietary needs.

Even if you are not on a budget, homemade dog meals should give your dog the variation they need in their diet without the need to buy different expensive pet foods all the time! And Pet Guides will help you through your journey of making nutritious food for your dog, offering the cost-efficiency you require!

Healthy Homemade dog food on a budget

As human beings, we would rather eat homemade food, it’s pure, natural and the main thing is you know its ingredients and you can change it according to your taste.

The same case with your canine, as your canine likes to use your pillow, your bed likely it loves to eat homemade food like you.

Definitely, homemade dog food comprises natural ingredients without preservatives or any other additive. and will prove better than dogs food available in the market.

It is also less costly than any other commercially prepared dog food. Even after adding some extra minerals, vitamins, and supplements. So, what’s good about that offer?

Make sure, your homemade dog food includes more protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fewer carbs. Use materials that you notice your furry friend rush to eat and check its health condition after giving a particular meal, and then decide what is going well.

Introduce new food in your pooch meal slowly and gradually. Day by day add more new food less old one and eventually serve totally new food, it increases the ability to digest a new meal.

So, here we are going to tell you some suggested homemade dog food recipes by some experts, that is cheap, nutrient-rich, and your dogs will love it.

1: Healthy homemade dog food recipes on a budget

In order to make budget-friendly healthy homemade dog food, you will have to follow these points.

  • Take a bowl, add 14 ounces of ground lean beef which you can get easily from the market. Beef will add amino acid to food which is the basic need of your dog.
  •  Add 2 teaspoon of Hempseed oil that add some fats in a meal.
  • Add ½ teaspoon of Carlson cod liver oil that covers Vitamin D and Vitamin E.
  • Add half teaspoon of ginger that add manganese.
  • Half teaspoon of Kelp which adds iodine in your dog’s food.
  • And add 1 Egg, save the half shell of an egg.
  • Mix it well and place it aside.

Dear, this food will make you healthy soon.

Take a blender and put half eggshell as a calcium source, eggshell is good for an adult dog, and avoid it for little pups.

Add 1 ounce of the chicken’s liver for copper, zinc, and iron. 1 ounce of broccoli, 1 ounce of red bell pepper, 1 ounce of spinach, veggies are healthy for your canine as they add some antioxidants, enzymes, and fiber. Blend the mixture well.

After blending mix the beef mixture and veggies blending the mixture, and your dog’s food is ready to serve.

You can serve it after cooked it or raw but it’s better to cook because raw food may have some bacteria and your dog has not better immune system to kill that bacteria.

You can make it in large quantities with the same ratio and store it in the refrigerator for three to five days by making its small packets. If you want to use it for a long time place it into the freezer.

You’re often thinking, what I feed to my dog when it is suffering from skin or gastrointestinal problems and it is comprised of healthy nutrients and budget-friendly as well.

Mainly the skin issues are the reason for some environmental factors include dust, mites its the meal bowl infected by bacteria because of washing with negligence.

But if you find a root cause of its skin problem its food, I have a suggested homemade dog recipe that is eager to help in skin problems for your pooch.

2: Healthy homemade dog food recipe for skin problem on a budget

  • Take a 2 pounds of boneless chicken, chicken covers the proteinic portion of the meal.
  • 1 cup of torn red cabbage and 1 cup of spinach that covers the fiber’s content. This helps to improve the immune system of your canine. Veggies are also antioxidants help to make your pooch coat shiny.
  • 1 peeled apple, apple covers the vitamins and minerals portion.
  • 2 eggs, and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Coconut oil is a source to get rid of skin problems for your canine.

How to Cook?

Take a frying pan and cook the boneless chicken on medium flame, after some time when your chicken seems half cooked add other ingredients one by one as I mention above.

If you like then add eggshells as a direct source of calcium. Add coconut oil at the end and put the cover. Allow to boil it gently for about 20 minutes, after a 20-minute mix all mixture, and tear all pieces of cooked chicken.

Now your pooch meal is ready to serve, you can save it by placing it into the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. Or by freeze for a long time.

3: Healthy Homemade dog food for gastrointestinal Problems

Sometimes your canine may suffer from gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, and flatulence, this could be caused by the rapid use of commercial food that continuously irritates your furry friend.

At that stage you have the option to give your canine healthy homemade dog food, it is full of nutrients, healthy, easy to digest and it helps you to maintain your budget as an economical point.

Make sure to discuss with your veterinarian before giving them any food in this condition.

Here are some suggested recipes that get your canine’s stomach healthy.

4: Boiled Shredded chicken and rice

Chicken is a source of protein for carnivores when it mixes with rice, it will handy to digest this kinda meal for your furry friend.

Take some chicken and rice, shred the chicken well the quantity of mixture depends upon your canine weight, and first you know well how much your canine eat easily.

Blend the material well and then boiled the mixture without adding seasons.

Make sure chicken cooks well after you can serve to your canine, although it is a sole meal yet it helps for easy digestion. But when your dog’s stomach will become healthy you can add some more recipes gradually to its diet plan.

You can feed your canine merely boiled shredded chic2ken, it is also a mild meal, but make sure to always serve chicken after boiling and unseasoned. With boiling, the chicken will be no longer contaminated.

healthy homemade dog food for stomach issues

5: Broth of bones

The broth of bones is lenient and full of nutritional diet for your dog while suffering from stomach issues.

Take some bones of beef, chicken, and turkey, it can be joint bones or beef thigh’s bones. Take some water into the crockpot and put the bones into the crockpot.

Take the water 2 to 3 inches above to bones and add 1 teaspoon vinegar (if you want), vinegar basically helps to migrate the nutrients from bones to water.

Cover the crockpot and simmer it for approximately 24 hours. After about four and a half an hour, you can check your broth.

The meat will be separated from the bones you can scoop out from the crockpot and let the bones boil for the remaining time, after 24 hours your nutrients would have been migrated to the water and bones will become softer.

You must separate these soft bones to avoid choking hazards. And serve to your canine. your canine will get a delicious and nutrients full diet.

A complete healthy homemade dog’s recipe for stomach issues

  • Take one-pound shredded cod flesh in a bowl.
  • Add one canned pumpkin and one sweet potato, both have fibers that improve your canine’s immune system and help indigestion. Pumpkin comprises vitamin A, E, C, and some other minerals.
  • Add one apple, and 2 pounds of shredded chicken
  • A small amount of chicken’s liver can be 1 quarter of a pound.
  • Add half pounds of green beans and boiled carrots, that have fibers and vitamins for your canine.
  • Mix all the content well in a bowl, and place it into the microwave for 16 to 20 minutes and about 230c to 250c temperature.
  • After that your canine food ready to serve.

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