About Us

All About Your Pets and You!

As pet lovers, our little friends mean the world to us. So, why not make everything almost perfect for them!

MyPetGuides is also run by a pet person whose almost everything revolves around his furry friends. From what to feed them, where to lay them, to what is the best product for them, everything concerns me, and I am pretty sure you are just like me.

Thus, MyPetGuides is a small helping hand for the millions of pet lovers out there!

From my early days of taking care of my pets, I always had one or the other questions and never really had anyone to look up to. So, I decided to start my own pet blog, which you can rely on whenever needed. From your daily queries to product reviews, MyPetGuides is here to make sure you choose the best for your dog and cats.

MyPetGuides is always here to guide you whenever in confusion!